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Marbella LX2 Full HD Recorder

Marbella LX2 is a stress free with a quality performance Full HD1080P Dashcam (DVR)

The Marbella LX3 is a top of the line, high performance Dashcam (DVR). The 170º wide-angle 5 MegaPixel lens ensures a clear view of the entire road and is easily rotatable to any position: front, side or back. 
This handy and spacious 2.7” (16:9) device has an intuitive menu making your Dashcam (DVR) easy to control and navigate. With a time stamp and your vehicle plate imprinted on your playback video uses a stronger evidence when your vehicle was involved in an incident. 
Marbella LX3 will capture unexpected events ranging from a meteor shooting across the sky to insurance fraud to traffic incidents. With the 3-axis impact gravity sensor (G-Sensor), the LX3 Dashcam (DVR) will automatically saves footage at the moment of impact so you will not need to panic or worry about protecting your important footage at this critical moment. The bright F2.8 lens with 1080p Full HD recording will easily capture details, such as license plates even its dark at night. The WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) digital imaging technology will make the night recording sharper and even more outstanding than its predecessor – Marbella MX6.    
Marbella LX3 makes your driving journey memorable and simply. LX3 will power on automatically and starts recording when you turn on your car so there is no need to remember to activate the record function each time you drive your car. Motion Detection also allows you to record while you’re parked in case something where to happen while you were away or someone try to break into your vehicle. Photo mode allows you to take single frame images of scenery you’ve never come across before or close-ups of accident damage.

You experience some of life’s greatest moments while on the road, but the road can also be an unpredictable place where incidents can happen at any time. The latest debut of Marbella's Full High Definition (FHD) DVR cameras ensure that it won’t be your word versus theirs when it comes to insurance claims and matters for any traffic incidents – you won’t miss a thing either on your journey or at your destination.

Marbella LX2 will be your driving eyewitness on the road, providing you with a clarity visual, audible and time stamped record of your experiences behind the wheel.

With a colorful 3inch TFT LCD Panel for quick and easy menu navigation, the Marbella LX2 gives you full high definition video of any accident, road rage or scenic route captured on the recorder.

There are 7 dedicated functional buttons removes the need to access multiple menus and buttons for safer usage while driving. Marbella LX2 equips a high quality glass lenses with Night Vision for superior quality image output, the Marbella LX2 is a great choice if you want a high quality drive recorder with a luxury of a large LCD panel.

Capture more detail with improved clarity when on the road and through the latest R&D and we have made the Marbella LX2 Full HD 1080P Car Crash Camera easier to use, and set up than ever. The latest Marbella LX2 In-Car Camera proves fine value through its Full HD Video, 3.0" LCD Screen, Motion Detection and enhanced lens quality.

Additionally, the HDR (High Dynamic Range) functions reproduces a greater dynamic range of luminosity than is possible with standard digital imaging or photographic techniques.
Like the rest of LX Series within the Marbella family, Marbella LX2 has an in-built G-Sensor and that means it can detect activities of any impact and Marbella LX2 will save the files and locked the files automatically hence the important file will not be overwritten when the your memory card is full.

Marbella LX2 Full HD 1080P DashCam (DVR) is another high quality driven in-car camera debut in IT Show 2016, Suntec Convention Centre at Level 6, Booth 6441 and Level 4, Booth 8413 in coexistence with our premium reseller - Challenger Technologies Limited showcasing the latest Marbella LX2 at the flagship store in Funan Digital Mall, Singapore.  

Night Vision Yes
Power Source 
USB, DC Power Adapter or car charger
Motion Detection
Disable Audio Recording Yes
Dedicated button for File protection Yes
Marbella LX2 Full HD Recorder

Marbella LX2 Full HD DashCam (DVR) Technical Specification 

Lens Sensor 5 Mega Pixel CMOS - Still Image
3 Mega Pixel CMOS - Video Recording
G-sensor 3 Axis, 4G
Aperture F=2.8, f=2.8
Wide Angle Lens 120 degree
Display 3.0" TFT LCD (16:9)
Video output 3.5mm AV-out Composite: NTSC/PAL or HDMI
Still Image 5M/3MP/2MHD
Video Code H.264
Recording format MOV
Recording resolution

1920x1080@P30,1280x720@P60, 848x480@P30, 640x480@P30

Recording media

External: Micro SDHC or MicrSD Card (Upto 32GB)

Audio Mic and Speaker(Mono)Equipped
Shutter button Electronic shutter
Shutter speed 1/2 - 1/1000 second
White Balance Auto / Sunny / Cloudy / Tungsten / Fluorescent
LED Light LED On/ LED Off
Connection Port USB 2.0 / AV-Output
Battery 3.7V 320mAh Lithium-ion Battery
USB High Speed USB 2.0
Size 85(L) x 35(W) x 60(H)mm or 3.37"(L) x 1.38"(W) x 2.36"(H)
Weight 75g or 0.077lbs
Working humidity 10% ~ 80% Celsius or 50 ~ 176 Fahreheit 


Marbella LX2 Full HD Recorder
Standard Accessories
Window Suction Yes
USB Cable Yes
3.5M Car charger Yes
3M Sticky Pad Yes