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Marbella K8S PRO is designed to provide surveillance with an outstanding video quality throughout day and night by equipped the latest Sony STARVIS® CMOS imaging sensor which provides a sharper, clearer and more defined video quality throughout Day & Night.

Able to automatically adapt to the scene, the Marbella KR8S PRO is a self-adjusting camera which balances the exposure to make sure you get the best quality footage be it under the bright sun or during night-time.

It can operate cold temperature of -20°C/-68°F and from extreme 70°C/158°F Singapore weather.

Built-in WIFI function allows you to preview, download, playback and share your video footages on various social media platform. Configurable via “Marbella DVR” app available in both iOS and Android platform. The new Marbella KR8S PRO allow users to switch OFF the WIFI connectivity during parking mode to further save the power consumption and prolong the parking mode beyond 48 hours and more.

Special licensed TAT Format-free Technology, the Marbella KR8S PRO is a Format-Free Dashcam that allows it to record videos in *.TAT format without the need of manually formatting your MicroSD to reduces the damages caused during long hour recording.

Marbella KR8S PRO has the lowest electrical consumption (2CH/250mAh) in the market, allowing it to run in parking mode beyond 48 hours without an external battery pack. Marbella dash cameras are equipped with a super-capacitor with thermal protection to ensure maximum lifespan. Furthermore, to protect the car's battery, power will automatically be cut off when the car's battery is running low.

Equipped with the latest and the most innovative Korean technologies that records beyond 48 hours surveillance through gravity sensor (G-Sensor) and motion sensor (Front + Rear) to ensure it captures every movement in the surrounding of your vehicle.

Marbella KR8S PRO has also its own voltage cut-off function without installing any power safety device to prevent battery discharge overnight and it provides 3-wire power cable as part of the standard accessories to ease your installation.

It supports external GPS which captures your GPS data such as location and speed to provide the most accurate information on your driving.

Marbella KR8S PRO Front+Back


- Lens Sensor:

3 Mega Pixel Sony STARVIS (Front)

2 Mega Pixel CMOS (Back)

- G-sensor:

3 Axis G Sensor Level Adjustment from Level 1 - 10

- Motion Detection:

1 / 2.7" light sensation area low light (with a 5.5M long AV cable) and 24 Hours Motion Detection under Parking Mode (Front + Rear)

- Lens:

140 degree (Front / Back)

- Display:

via "Marbella DVR APP"

- Storage:

MicroSD up to 256GB (Class 10) and above

- Recording format:

TAT Format Free

- Resolution:

Full HD: 1920 x 1080(30fps) Front and Back