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  • KR5w216xfinal
    Marbella KR5 Front+Back FHD

    Marbella KR5 is our 1st Korean made 2CH Full HD WIFI enabled Dashcam that supports 24 Hours Recording. With it's ultra sharp CMOS lens, it offers extremely clear video footages and users can view and download the files to their smartphone.

  • Marbella KR6Swb216x
    Marbella KR6S Front+Back FHD

    Marbella KR6S is the latest Korean 2CH Full HD WIFI enabled Dashcam that is almost invisible and 50% smaller as compare to others. With it's ultra sharp Sony Exmor R lens, it offers ultra clear video and users can view and download the files to their smartphone.

  • Marbella LX1wb216x
    Marbella LX1 Full HD Recorder

    Marbella LX1 is a Full HD 1080P Dashcam with a wide angle lens of 140 degree to ensure it captures every important moment in front of your vehicle. Viewing your recorded videos through the 3″ TFT LCD makes instant playback simple and easy.

  • MarbellaLX2wb130x
    Marbella LX2 Full HD Recorder

    A 3.0" TFT LCD display and 8 dedicated functional buttons removes the need to access multiple menus and buttons for safer usage while driving. Marbella LX2 equips a high quality glass lenses with Night Vision for superior quality image output.

  • LX3sidewb130x
    Marbella LX3 Full HD Recorder

    Marbella LX3 is a high performance Dashcam (DVR). The 170º wide-angle 5 MP lens ensures a clear view of the entire road and is easily rotatable to any position. This handy 2.7” device has an intuitive menu making your dashcam easy to control and navigate

  • MarbellaLX5wb216x130
    Marbella LX5 Dual HD Recorder

    Marbella LX5 – a 2CH Front and Back recorder that produces a sharp Full HD1080P (Front) + HD720P (Back) with an intelligent parking mode function up to 36 times of incidental recording without connecting or wiring it to your car battery.

  • MarbellaMTIwb216x
    Marbella MT-I Waterproof 2xFHD

    Marbella MT-I is the most versatile dash camera and MT-I fits into every vehicle, commercial trucks or even motorbike with its IP68 full water/dush proof camera lens which produces astonishing video from day to night.

  • Marbella RX1wb216x
    Marbella RX1 FHD Mirror DVR

    Marbella RX1 is designed for the individual who prefer a rearview mirror that embedd a Full HD dashcam to avoid installation of multiple objects on their windscreen. RX1 is also equipped with G-sensor intelligent parking mode.

  • MarbellaTX1wb216x
    Marbella TX1 FHD Dashcam

    Marbella TX1 is a latest revolutionize 3MP Dashcam enabling front vehicle recording in Full HD 1080P quality with an ultra wide 170 degree wide angle lens. Marbella TX1 is the latest entry-level dashcam among the TX series.

  • MarbellaTX2wb216x
    Marbella TX2 FHD WIFI DVR

    Marbella TX2 is a high-grade Dashcam enabling front vehicle recording in Full HD 1080P quality. It is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, among them, 170 degree wide angle lens with 3MP lens and WIFI connectivity.

  • VR3wb214x
    Marbella VR3 HD Recorder

    Marbella VR3 is part of the new revolutionary Dash Cam (DVR) introduce during the holiday season. The newest family member – Marbella VR3 is a secure, sleek and stylish design featuring a greater recording visibility and a greater video recording lens.

  • Marbella VR4216x
    Marbella VR4 Full HD Recorder

    The VR4 is Marbella’s newest and most user-friendly dash cam. It includes a three-inch LCD screen, ultra-wide 120° viewing angle and embedded G-Sensor to automatically save and protect clips if an impact is detected.