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Ronny Prananto is the CEO and Co-founder of Maka Technologies Holdings Group. He has been actively involved in the strategic development community for over a decade and is one of the leading entrepreneur on IT/eCommerce development and Global Positioning System (GPS) solution.
Mr. Prananto has senior experience in successfully bringing start-up companies and divisions across Indonesia, Singapore and China. He has successfully fulfilled such roles at Bestland Pte. Ltd. (Land Development). Ronny has a degree in Business Administration (Entrepreneur) from RMIT University.
Prior to founding Maka Technologies Holdings Group in 2005, Mr. Prananto worked in many local and overseas embassy and hold a senior level managerial position in a Multi-National Corporation.

Mr. Prananto has extensive experience in governmental and charity organisations in South East Asia and internationally. He has worked at a senior leadership level in management, policy development and administration.


CEO's Message in 2012

I always emphasize “Deep Plowing with our sincerity, Grow gradually with stability and Corporate Social Responsibility” to my fellow team and board of shareholders.

Since Maka Technologies Group established in 1998, we have been to creating our own history. Maka always uphold the philosophy of “Being positive and pro-active” to meet each of our coming challenge.
I have been proud of our production team as they have made a great effort to ensure the high quality control of our products. During the global economical downturn in 2009, our sales team had took a step forward to implement various customized marketing strategies to help our client and expand their local market shares. There is no other reason to gain a continuous growth in domestic and overseas market shares without these great efforts contributed by team Maka.
Every year is a challenging year and it has been a long learning journey since we established in 1998. I sincerely thank all our staff for many years dedication to the Group and a professional attitude. I do value each employee as our key asset and it is definitely the reason of our success.
Maka is a one stop solution provider and we concentrate in our Research & Development. Providing a trendy design and developing diversification at functionality level is another key of success under a rapid changing IT industry.  
After years of cooperation with our global customers, we have established a foundation of mutual trust. We are deeply grateful as our customer has been very supportive and understanding and this is our biggest inspiration, and spur us to strive for in order to develop in the market even stronger.
All our associate companies under Maka Technologies Group has a key role in every way of our growth. Without their support behind the scenes, we are unable to provide quality products and punctual delivery.
We also select our component supplier very cautiously, not only the quality requirements, but also reflects our corporate philosophy as “Positive effort at every organizational level and continuously bring more value-add in return”.
Our report shows we have been growing in multiples annually in both domestic and international market. We will accelerate the pace of growth and I am confident that sales and profits on double-digit growth figure in the coming year.
To align our mission of corporate social responsibility, we are working closely with local community groups in respective countries. Maka Technologies Group is not only making donations in the society, I truly hope to lead my team and become a physical contributor in the society and providing aid in the community.    
On behalf of Maka Technologies Group, we thank you for your continuous support. May all of you have a blessing year and have a Light Years Ahead.

Group President & CEO



Ronny Prananto
Singapore Headquarter
June 2012